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Happy 10 Years!

Happy 10 years of marriage to my wonderful husband. Here are 10 reasons I love him and 10 random things about us.

Ten years ago today this handsome big hunk of mine and I got married!! So here are 10 reasons I love Eddy and 10 random things about us… ok some numbers were hard so I improvised. Haha! It is still crazy to me that we have been married for 10 years and old enough to have kids, let alone 4 kids. I guess I still feel like I just finished college.

10- Almost the number of states we have stayed over night (it’s actually 11, close enough right? 😂. we have been to 15 states together). I love that he likes to travel, visit family, and isn’t afraid to pack our kids in the van for a road trip.
9- The number of years I taught first grade. I love that our goal of having me stay home with our kiddos has been a reality and his hard work made that happen.
8- He makes me laugh all the time, maybe 8 times a minute or hour? 🤷‍♀️ I love his sense of humor and laughing with him or at him. 😜
7- We have 7 degrees between the two of us. I love he kept going until he found something he wanted to do and worked hard in school to get amazing grades.
6- We have many dreams for our family and each other together. I love thinking and planning our now and future together.
5- My jersey number at one point while playing volleyball. I love that he loves sports (especially football, BYU football) and that we can pass that on to our kids.
4- Our 4 beautiful and amazing children. I love that he’s such a fun and hands on dad.
3- The number of places we’ve lived. I love being able to make a home with him no matter where we live or what funny things our appointments have had.
2- The number of shows we watch… I don’t really know the number, but probably more then we should have. 🤷‍♀️ I love that we get to relax on the couch together and hang out.
1- The number of times I’ve mowed the lawn (my kids and I thought I was going to die, I do not recommend mowing the lawn on a hot August evening being 5 months pregnant). I love the time and effort he puts into our yard to make it look good.

Eddy I love you always, forever, no matter what!! 😘💗



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