Sunday Motivation: Learn, Live, and Hope

We all have learned from our past. What we do with that is the important part. Do you have hope in your future?

Albert Einstein knew a thing or two… I’m sure he learned from his past. 🙂 I am sure he used his past to learn, live, and hope.

I don’t know about you but I have enough lessons from my yesterdays. How about you? If you say no, then you are lying! Haha! I have made many mistakes that have taught me as I’m sure most people have.

I am in a slump. I have been slacking off blogging and doing the minimum. (Currently it’s Thursday and I was supposed to have this posted on Sunday… ops! I’ll still publish it on Sunday, that’s the beauty of being the boss and being able to back publish.)

I just want to take close my eyes and take a nap. I may have momentary happiness from having a great nap. But in the long run I won’t be very happy with myself.

I have learned that when I am in a slump I just need to keep pushing through until I am no longer in a slump. I am living for today! I am living that my future will be one of hope.

I hope to make a difference in this world through my blog. I hope to shine happiness and encouragement. I have learned from my yesterdays that when I slack off too much my hope starts to die.

So instead of a much needed and wanted nap I am going to keep writing and see my hope getting stronger. I am going to keep pushing and go to bed early. Well, I say that but when night time rolls around I will stay up too late again.. 🙂

What have you learned from your yesterdays that have helped you live today and see your future bright with hope? I truly wish you the best as you learn, live, and hope.

May we continue to learn from our past to keep our futures looking better.

Xoxo, Steph

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