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Meet the Crew: Littles

Let’s get to know the three littles that run around my house. They are fun, darling, and sure make me tired. I can’t stand how much I love them!

Now that you know more about the hubby I get to tell you more about the littles in our lives. We have three kids and one on the way, due on December 23rd 2018. It still seems crazy that we have been married long enough and are old enough to have kids. I guess I still feel 20 at heart.

Mr. E

Mr. E as pooh bear


Mr. E is our oldest. He was born in December 2011. His due date was also the December 23rd. We are hoping this baby decides to come on a different day then Mr. E.  He came out with red hair and it has stayed the same ever since. It’s such a beautiful color, but I may be a bit biased. This kid loves, loves to sing. He started singing as soon as he could talk, which was young. Before he was 2 he was singing the fight song for my Hubby’s favorite college team. I call him our closet singer because he does not like to sing in front of people. When he was younger he would sing for pretty much anyone. He is our silly, loving, great helper little guy. 

Some random facts about our Mr. E:

  • He loves garbage, garbage trucks, and anything to do with garbage. For the past two birthdays he has gotten garbage trucks and wants another one for his next birthday. He also loves to empty the garbage and recycle in our house. I truly hope this lasts.
  • He loves to play cars, watch the Cars movies, look at the new cars, and asks for new ones way too much.
  • He has his great grandpa’s old wooden train set, which he likes to make some awesome tracks with.
  • He can sit and look at piles of books for a good long time. Some of his favorite books right now are: garbage trucks, cars, trains, and ocean life. He also likes my old teaching picture books.
  • He is taking after his dad with his love for football. Playing it, talking about it, having his cars play football, watching it, and watching “football shows” on dad’s phone.
  • He favorite color is orange.
  • He does not like dogs, at all.
  • He has a great imagination.
  • He has a kind heart and is sensitive to other’s feelings (most of the time 🙂 ).
  • He is shy but once you get to know him he can talk your ear off.
  • He just started Kindergarten and is loving it.

Miss L

Miss L hiding in carseat

Miss L is our second kiddo. She was born in February 2014. Miss L also has red hair but it isn’t as bright as Mr. E’s. She has never gotten a hair cut and hates with a passion when I do her hair. I had to bribe her with my phone, now there are a lot less tears and fighting. Miss L is our social bee. She likes to go up to people and ask. “What’s your name?” She has darling dimples and such a warm smile that draws you in. There are moments when she can be shy but for the most part she has no problem talking to people. Some of the things that come out of her mouth are truly hilarious. She makes us laugh one second and want to pull our hair out the next second. She has a heart of gold and is very sensitive to others feelings.

Some random facts about Miss L:

  • She loves gum and candy, especially suckers.
  • She is usually hungry and will ask for a snack while we are eating a meal.
  • She is our adventureus eater and loves to try things.
  • She likes to play pretty much whatever Mr. E is playing.
  • She likes to play with her dolls.
  • She is a tough little girl.
  • She is super stubborn. It’s so hard now but I’m praying that will pay off when she’s older.
  • She likes to get herself dressed and come out of her room saying, “Tadaaaa!” We sometimes get some crazy outfits.
  • Her favorite color is purple.
  • She will wrestle with us all and loves to get tickled or be chased.
  • Her new thing she wants to do all the time is make notes with an envelope and candy inside for her friends.

Miss S

Miss S Newborn picture
PC:Whitney Beth Photography

Miss S is our baby for the next three months. She was born in November 2015. Miss S was the calm we needed. She was our biggest baby and our best sleeper. She hardly cried and was such a good baby. She truly knew what I needed to survive mommy hood of three young kids. As she’s getting older it is sure fun to hear her start talking and show her fun personality. She’s not as calm as I expected her to be but I wouldn’t change her at all.

Some random things about Miss S:

  • She is by far our calmest child.
  • She has this awesome walk/strut. Miss S walks with power, strength, and cuteness all in one.
  • She is saying a few words but has this wonderful baby giber gaber. She will tell us stories and totally knows what she is saying. I can’t wait for the day when I can understand more of what she is saying.
  • She loves to play with babies, hold other toys as babies and will rock them.
  • She likes to eat our food. When she wants a bite she will lean forward, open her mouth really wide, and stick her tongue in and out. It’s hard to say no to but man, I like to eat my own food.
  • She is starting to have some good tantrums. Or she will pout and cross her arms if she is mad.
  • She loves to play in the sand box and can sit there for awhile.
  • She will go and get her shoes anytime we ask her to. She is good at getting her sandals on.
  • She gets worried when people cry. If she knows the person she will go give them a hug. Or if it is her brother or sister she will go get their meme or a loved stuffed animal. This is something she has done for awhile.
  • She loves her meme and binky. When she wants her binky she will open her mouth and point in it. This also means she wants to eat or get a drink.
  • She has started to climb out of her crib (big tears on my part). My big almost two year old has her big girl side up on her crib. There have been many times she has fallen asleep right next to her bedroom door.

Baby Number 4

8 months pregnant with baby number 4

I sure can’t wait to find out what Baby number 4 is. We decided to have it be a surprise at birth. Why not? We have both genders and everything we need. Well, expect for our infant car seat which expires in November this year. So convenient… huge eye roll there. I really thought I would be going crazy with anticipation but really it hasn’t been hard. Mr. E wants a brother. Miss L first said she wanted a sister but has changed her mind and now wants a brother. Could that have been hearing big brother’s desire? Miss S knows there’s a baby in my tummy and will give it kisses. So what do you all think? Am I having a boy or a girl??

As you can tell I’m a little fond of this crew of littles I get to call mine. I’m truly blessed to have three amazing children. I love them with all of my heart and still find it a bit crazy that I have 3, almost 4 kids! WHAT?! Life sure doesn’t slow down so I better be taking as much in while my babies are still little.


Link to She took a few pictures that I added in this post. The ones within the photo galleries I wasn’t able to add a link.

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  1. Love the pic of . E!!
    So much fun and so very much work to have a Blog. Fun to read!
    Had no idea you suffered from anxiety. So sorry. I worry a lot but it’s just that worry not anxiety.
    You know where we are if you need a break!! Love you tons

    1. Awww, thank you! It is a cute pic of Mr. E! It is hard work but it’s been fun to have something to do that’s for me. I haven’t been very forthcoming with things I have been going through. But that is ending now. 🙂 I know, and am so grateful for all the help you two have been so far. I love you too!!! And my kiddos sure do also. 🙂

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