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June 2019 Goals and May Recap

How did your June 2019 goals go? I sure hope they went better then mine. But never fear July is just around the corner. Read to see what my goals were.

You might be able to tell that June has run away from me. It started in May with something that was out of my control putting a blog post on hold. I started June unprepared and it just got worse. So it’s no surprise that it’s the last week in June and I’m just getting around to my June 2019 goals.

I will go into why and how it got worse later, when I’m ready and able to. But for now let’s just say I’m pretty happy that June 2019 is about to end.

Don’t get me wrong, there were so many fun and wonderful things that happened. Those things made June awesome. But it was busy, and it started off with a sad bang.

I went to camp for a week, leaving my family behind. Then after a few hours of being home from camp we left for Manti, Utah to be with Eddy’s family.

From Sunday to Wednesday we were lucky enough to have my niece and nephew with us. We went to the zoo for about 4 hours on Monday. Tuesday we went walked to get Slurpee’s, went to a movie, and then headed up to my family’s cabin to have dinner. Wednesday was also jammed packed with a mini hike in the morning then swimming in the afternoon.

We sure had fun with them; my kids loved having their big cousins to play with. I am very glad we got to have them for as long as we did.

Thursday we got to pack and get ready for our family reunion in Bear Lake, Utah. Eddy also busted out hours in the garage to work on getting the gym mostly set up.

We spent the next few days playing hard in Bear Lake. Again my kids were in cousin heaven. Then we will continue to play hard with my family still in town until the end of June.

I am looking forward to having less planned and to be able to have some down time. My kids need to get bored this summer. Haha!

A quick recap of my May 2019 Goals

The Yard

Well, we sure did a lot out of the list of things we wanted to do. We also have a few things left. I am hoping that July is the month to finish those things. We had a lot of rain, which is really good. It just stopped us from getting everything done outside. I also wasn’t feeling very great which makes is hard to get a lot done.

June 2019

Healthy Snacks

Ug! You guys!! I still didn’t do this one. I had some recipes pulled up on my phone ready to try. I’m blaming not feeling well for the full month. And being lazy… it’s the truth! If I had time then I would choose to get something that had to be done or rest. Both are good choices at that time. There’s always another month.

April Goals 2019

Morning Routine/Be Happy Trackers

So, this one didn’t get as done as I wanted to. I am getting closer to finishing my morning routine list. But, once again I felt horrible for all of May. It was just so hard to get anything done.

February Goals

I want to really say how important it is to have goals. It is important to set yourself up for success. Being realistic is a huge part of being successful. Now I want to say how important it is to take care of YOU! If achieving one of your goals is not in the game plan then let it go.

It is more important that you are happy, healthy, and not stressed. You need to be easy on yourself when you do fail. I’m calling the month of May a failure month. I am totally okay with that. Want to know why?

Well, I had horrible morning sickness. I did not feel good. Like at all. For most of every day I wanted to die. Haha! That sounds so dramatic but it was the truth. I can’t be hard on myself because at that point I could only do what I could do. And even that was hard to do.

What I’m trying to say is GIVE YOURSELF SOME SLACK!!!

On to my June 2019 goals.

I’m hoping you know that June didn’t go any better than May. Again, I am okay with that. It was a crappy and a fun, busy month. I did write down my goals, which I will share. I knew it was going to be busy so my goals were all about getting things done in my house.

We are close to getting things done with our house so I wanted to bust out as much as we could. It didn’t happen. My response? There is July to bust things out. I could get mad and depressed about it. That will not help me in any way.

I am going to use my failure to motivate me in July. Some of the failure was out of my hands. You need to literally wash your hands when that happens. Pick yourself up and try again. I can do it! You can do it! We can do this!

June 2019 Goals

Random Finishes

We have a few random areas in our house that we have not been able to finish because of weather, termites, morning sickness, and choosing to rest. 🙂 I wanted to get these areas finished:

  • My office
  • The garage
  • The yard
My Future Office

Laundry Room

When I was looking at my lists for each area in my house I was thinking the laundry room would be a one day event. I figured this would be a perfect room to tackle in my June 2019 goals.

Master Bedroom

The last room upstairs to get organized and cleaned is my master bedroom. The biggest part is our closet and dresser. We really, REALLY need to go through our clothes and reorganize and declutter them. Our nightstands need a good cleaning and I have a random box in the corner behind my nursing chair. That box has been there since we moved in, 4 years ago… EKKK!

Work Goals

I wanted to focus on two goals this month. The first one was getting June all done and ready by June 8th. My other goal was to focus on Pinterest. Once again, July is another month. I’m saying goodbye to June 2019. 🙂

Okay, just one more time I want to reiterate that you need to give yourself some slack when a month or a period of time just is not your month. If you need to put your goals on hold, do it! If you need to work on your goals for longer, then do it.

You can also use your failure as healthy motivation. Please don’t talk down to yourself. Sometimes crappy things happen. Sometimes we are lazy or unmotivated. If that happens give yourself a few hours or days. Then pick yourself back up and keep moving.

If you are having a hard time motivating yourself then you need to head here to read 4 tips you can do.

I have faith in you! I have faith in myself that after a bad couple months of goals not being met I can turn it around and have a better July. You can too!

Xoxo, Steph

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