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Sunday Motivation: Fear

Sunday Motivation: Fear

If you didn’t have any fear what would YOU do? What would you accomplish? What could you get done?

Sunday Motivation: fear

I have a huge fear of spiders and crawly things. I can’t tell you how many times I have called my dad to the rescue when I was a little girl or as a not so little girl still living at home. Now my hubby has that job. Or sometimes my kids… haha!

When I was teaching I would calmly ask which kiddo wanted to be brave and get the spider. So many rose to the challenge. I have SOOOOOO MANY spider stories. That will should be a mini series…

Now that I have kiddos of my own I try really hard to be brave. I don’t want them to have the same fears of spiders that I do. And if I’m being completely honest I need them to be brave for me so they will kill those nasty things for me. LOL!!!

So about a year ago while visiting my sister and her family in Santa Fe we went to a bug store. Behind the store front there was a mini museum of, you got it spiders and creepy crawly things.

The awesome owner had quiet a few spiders and insects that he would get out and let people hold or touch. OH MY HECK!!! You guys!! I touched some! I couldn’t bring myself to hold any. But I did something that I feared so freaking much.

And guess what?! I felt at that moment that I could do anything. It was incredible. I faced that fear head on, well mostly head on.

So tell me, what do you fear? What is something that scares the heck out of you?

I held onto this blog for months. One reason was fear. I was so darn afraid of what others would say to me or about me. I let my fear of being judged put off something I really wanted to do. Once I pressed the publish button I felt that fear stronger.

Then I posted on my personal Facebook page and let me tell you I was starring fear in the face. It wasn’t until a few sister in laws talked to me about it that night when we all got to our camping spot that I started to feel like I could do anything.

I have a challenge for you. 🙂 Tell me one thing you fear. Then I want you to grab onto that fear and do it. Wither it is getting out of the bed, calling a long lost friend, owing up to something stupid you did, pushing the send button on anything online, or spiders. I want to know.

Let’s work on our fears together to conquer them. Let’s take that fear and turn in into I can do anything moment.

Xoxo, Steph

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