Men's Gift Guide

Men’s Gift Guide: 20+ Gifts for Every Man on Your List

It’s time for my men’s gift guide. There are TONS of items on this list. I am positive you will find something for EVERY man on your list.

This week has been fun getting my gift guides together. This is the first year I have done gift guides and I love it. To end the week I am focusing all of today’s items for the men in our lives. Buckle up, here’s the men’s gift guide.

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We are starting this men’s gift guide off with a classic, a handsome wallet. Enough pockets but not too many. It is made from leather, the pockets are lined with RFID to protect your cards, and has three colors.

If you have a travel loving man you need to buy a gift for you should think about this book. It has 5,000 ideas in the USA. I just might have to get that for me…

This next gift is good or could be good for any guy. The survival 12 piece tool kit is awesome! So many uses for these tools. It would be good for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, around the house, okay so pretty much anywhere.

Any facial hair on the man on your list? This is a great beard grooming set. It will help your guy be able to keep their facial hair looking great at all times.

Do you have a foodie or a hot sauce lover on your list? You might want to think about this awesome hot sauce making kit. It comes with everything ou might need to make some amazing hot sauces to try.

Okay this gift may be more of a gag gift, but may not be… Haha! Do you have a guy that can take his sweet time in the bathroom? Well, now there’s a timer for that! Haha! You just need to check it out. 🙂

This electronic organizer bag would be a great pair with the 50 States 5000 Ideas book from above. They would have a place for all of the cords they need to bring with them while traveling. Or just have them all in the same place (and organized) at home.

If the guy on your list loves his Egg McSandwiches but doesn’t want to keep going out to buy them then this sweet Hamilton Beach sandwich maker is for him. And for you too. 🙂 I’m sure you could come up with some yummy mixtures!

This next gift is really awesome. I’m not sure where I’ve been because this was the first time I’ve seen these. Does your guy need to keep his tones going while he’s out in the cold? Welp, this awesome beanie has wireless bluetooth speakers! And it’s washable. Total win in my book.

My women’s gift guide had one of these so naturally I needed to add it to the men’s gift guide. No more reaching, going up and down the ladder; you’ll have it all at your wrist. These magnetic wristbands for screws, nails, and bits are so cool.

Need a good read? I am thinking of getting this book for me! Seems like a wonderful self help book that can lift up anyone. And with over 3,000 reviews with 84% rating of 5 stars? Sounds like a winner!

Do you have a big kid on your list? You know, the guy who wants toys? This build your own ship in a bottle by Lego seems like the perfect fit.

After the guy on your list has same some hot sauce he can now go out to his grill and get his grilling on. This 21 piece grilling set has it all!

Let’s bring it back to the beginning of gaming, not quite the beginning but close enough. I’m pretty sure most every guy would love this classic Nintendo mini. Hours of fun for him, you, and his whole family.

Maybe not all men would be happy to get a face kit. But if they are then this amazing Jack Black has it all to keep their face looking great: pure clean daily facial cleanser, double duty face moisturizer SPF 20, cool moisture body lotion, beard lube conditioning shave and charcoal body bar.

I am loving these vintage best of year shirts. If you need a different year then look below this current shirt at the other products similar to the one being showcased. Hope that makes sense.

Have a golfer on your list? This golf glove is a great idea. Or click on the glove link and look below at allllll the many golf related gifts your golfer would love to have.

For the fisherman on your list this Lightbare fishing vest is pretty much amazing! They thought of everything, well it looks like they thought of everything. I’m not a fisherman….

Now it’s time for the hunter on your list. This hunting suit by NEW VIEW is waterproof and sure to keep the man on your list dry and warm. Again, they are TONS of hunting supplies. Click the link below to see what else your hunter might need.

Now when the man on your list needs to get dressed up for work or a special occasion here is a beautiful tie set in different colors. It comes with 5 ties and two tie bars all in a nice box. This gift set will surely impress any guy.

Bonus to the Men’s Gift Guide

I thought I was going to have a hard time getting 20 men’s gift ideas. It was easy and here are a few more…

Socks! Socks are always a great gift. You can go with a classic sock, dress socks, or get funky with some fun designs. Here are a few below:

Fun socks are just so much fun! Here’s another one…

Shirts! They may not love getting clothes but here are some good looking shirts, fun and comfy shirts, and maybe some shirts they will get a kick out of.

And that’s a wrap folks! Have you gotten everything for the men on your list? I hope this list was helpful for you in finishing up your men’s gift giving.

Just a note… when you click on any of the links in the post and buy the item or anything from amazon during that “trip” it helps me to become an Amazon Affiliate. I’d surely love your help and support to get me there. 🙂 Thanks for your love and for reading my posts, it means the world to me.

Please let me know if you think I need to add anything to this men’s gift guide. 🙂

Xxx, Steph

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  1. Good gift guides. And thanks for sharing about your personal struggles on that awful Thanksgiving. It’s wonderful what the human body/spirit can overcome and get through. You have triumphed.

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