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Gift Guide: Kiddos Edition

I have created an awesome kids gift guide for this holiday season and for birthdays all year round. It is broken into toddler, kids, and gifts for all ages.

Hello December!!! How did that happen? Well, anyway it happened and we better get ready. I have a whopper of a kids gift guide.

This kids gift guide is broken up into toddlers (ages 1-4), kids (ages 4-11), and gifts for multi ages.

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Toddler Gift Guide

What little boy or girl doesn’t like to use their imagination and building skills with big blocks.

We have a little slide similar to this outside. Every winter I’m tempted to clean it out and put it inside. Now that we have our playroom it is very tempting…

I have had my eye on these really cool building blocks. They are made of wood, very colorful, and can you imagine the fun play kiddos can have with these?

These aqua mats look amazing! What I love about this one is all the accessories that come with it. Usually they have one pen but this one comes with 6! SIX! There shouldn’t been too much fighting…

Ok, you guys! This little toy set would be a dream for any little builder. It is great for fine motor skills and the imagination.

I’m not sure about you but my girls have all (and still love) dolls. So if you have a little momma or daddy then a doll is a must. Even though we have a few our almost 2 year old is going to get a baby doll of her very own.

When my son was little we were gifted the LeapFrog laptop. All of my kids have loved playing with it. Not only is it fun to pretend to have their very own laptop but they get to learn about letters, sounds, play games, and sing songs.

It’s never too early to start playing with balls and shooting hoops. This has been a toy that my kids have had so much fun playing with. For the first few years we kept it inside and that was awesome!

Let’s get those kiddos excited about cleaning! Haha! But really, they do love to help. So this little pretend vacuum is perfect. Also, these little mop and broom set is just too cute. And I love Melissa and Doug toys.

Kids Gift Guide

I have to start this list with something my girls would love. They would love it even more if it was the real thing… Pretend makeup! I don’t mind if my girls put on their makeup. But it would be nice to let them have something they can play with anytime, with no messes.

This next toy is something that will never go out of style! LEGOS!! I played with them and I bet my grand kids will be playing with them as well. This set is great because there are endless things to build, it comes with its own container, and will provide hours of entertainment.

Trains, trains, and more trains. We were lucky enough to get Eddy’s grandpa’s set of wooden train tracks. Our son got them when he was 1 or 2. Pretty much every year since he has gotten more train pieces or train cars for either his birthday or Christmas.

Now all of our kids love to make towns and set up the trains. These toys will be played with! We have gotten some of the Thomas trains that fit with the wooden set. Whatever you get make sure they are all compatible.This is a good started set that can be added to for many years.

Kids love to pretend and take care of babies and animals. This darling vet kit has it all! Two animals, many tools, and a bag to carry it all. Our 4 year old is going to be getting this. Can’t wait!

I know that barbies are not for every kiddo. But my girls have been loving them. I also played for HOURS with my barbies when I was young. We got this barbie and horse set for my 4 year old birthday last month. She plays with it every day.

Have you seen the new and improved little people? At least from when I was little. They are so stinking cute! And there are soooo many! For a few years we got them for birthdays and Christmas. Here are some of our kid’s favorites. (They also make great cities with the trains)

The farm we have is different but I couldn’t find it anywhere. They love to play with the animals. There are sets of animals you can buy as well.

This is another toy that we have wayyyy too many. But it is still so much fun to get them. Cars from the movie Cars. The great thing is that you can get single cars for less then $5. Awesome for diaper bags and cars. They make great potty training rewards.

I was lucky to find a play a used play kitchen for $25! Score! It was one of the best things to buy. All of our kiddos have had a lot of fun playing with it. We bought some kitchen accessories from IKEA, which are the cutest. I couldn’t find them on Amazon. Below are some fun accessory sets.

The play kitchen below is such a great deal for what you get. There are kitchens that are more modern. Some kitchens are huge! Or you can find little ones to fit in smaller spaces.

Again, babies and dolls are such a fun toy for many ages. There are many kinds and accessories galore! Here’s a link to some baby doll accessories.

For older kids you could look into the American Dolls and accessories. I have Molly from back in the day before there were so many varieties. It will be a blast when I feel like my girls are old enough to play with all my Molly stuff and doll.

Playmobils are ridiculously fun! There are endless possibilities with how many different sets there are. We have a few and one of the favorites is the fire station.

Growing up with all sisters we never has action figures. But when talking with Eddy (who had 5 brothers) about this kid gift guide he mentioned action figures. And duh! They are a blast. There are also a ton of them. Click on the link below for a fun set and also to find others.

For All Ages Kids Gift Guide

There are many toys that can be enjoyed for many years and with many ages. I have just started making Amazon Lists of some of our favorites or ones we would like to try. Click on the words. Some of my favorites are:

I hope this toddler and kids gift guide is helpful for you this holiday season and also throughout the year for birthdays. And if you think I need to add to this list or my Amazon lists please let me know.

Xxx, Steph

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